Automatic Transmission Fluid


  • Extremely high viscosity index
  • Excellent wear protection for longest life
  • Excellent metal / metal frictional behavior for quiet switching without vibration and outstanding torque transmission    
  • Unrivalled viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Outstanding oxidation and ageing stability
  • No adverse effect on standard sealing materials

Use instructions

  • For use in CVT-gearboxes using belts or transmission chains made of steel
  • Do not mix with other transmission fluids.
  • Not suitable for use in hybrid CVT´s (Honda/Ford), DCT/DSG (Dual Clutch Transmissions) or automatic stages.
  • Colour: light

Observe manufacturer instructions!

Recommendations*: BMW 8322 0 429 154/ 8322 0 429 159, BMW Mini Cooper EZL799/ EZL799A, Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep NS-II, Daihatsu Ammix CVT DC/ DFC/ DFE/ TC, Ford CVT 23/ WSS-M2C928-A, GM/ Saturn DEX-CVT, Honda ATF-Z1/ HCF2/ HMMF, Hyundai/ Kia SP-III, JASO M358, Mazda JWS 3320/ GM DEX-CVT, MB 236.20/ A 001 989 46 03, Mitsubishi NS-II/ SP-III/ CVT J-1/ J4/ J4+, Mopar CVTF+4, Nissan NS-I/ NS-II/ NS-III, Subaru ECVT/ iCVT/ iCVT FG/ NS-2, Subaru Lineartronic High Torque (HAT) CVTF, Subaru Lineartronic chain CVTF/ CVTF II, Suzuki CVTF TC/ CVT Green 1/ 2/ 1V/ NS-II, Toyota CVTF TC/ CVTF FE, VW G 052 180/ 052 516

Density at 15°CDIN 51 757kg/m3845
Viscosity at 40°CDIN 51 562mm2/s36
Viscosity at 100°CDIN 51 562mm2/s7.3
Viscosity index (VI)DIN ISO 2909173
Viscosity at – 40°CDIN 51 938mPa.s11.900
COC flash pointDIN ISO 2592°C210
Pour pointDIN ISO 3016°C– 51

The above values may vary within commercially accepted tolerances.
* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer